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Timber Linings ,Claddings, Weatherboards, Flooring, Fascia Boards.


timber claddings

External claddings are available in many different profiles, with the most common being pattern 401 and 402 (tongue and groove). Coverage for these claddings should be calculated at 133mm, this allows for the overlap in the tongue and groove. If we do not stock your profile, please enquire about our *special order service. If we don’t have it, we may be able to make it. (*special orders require minimum quantities).


timber linings

Linings are available in many different sizes, with the most common being the 302 or 321 pattern profiles. Linings are typically 12mm in thickness and 140mm in width. Coverage for these linings should be calculated at 133mm, this allows for the overlap in the tongue and groove. Linings are available in treated and untreated forms, for use both externally and internally.

Fascia Boards

timber fascia boards

Timber fascia is available in 190 x 32mm end section size and is standard with two rebates for use with cement sheet under eave installations. Whilst this is the most common size of fascia used, older homes may require a different or non standard size fascia, if you have special requirements, please enquire with our sales staff about our special order service. All fascia supplied is preservative treated as to increase its service life. Don’t be fooled by painted or primed fascia, painting does not prevent rot or decay.

Weather Boards

Timber weatherboards

Round edge or treated square edge weatherboard.
170 x 20mm
32 x 32mm weatherboard stop internal
kiln dried treated pine.
57 x 32mm weatherboard stop external


timber flooring

Floorings are available in traditional 140x19mm tongue and groove (calculate coverage at 133mm) in both treated pine (for wet areas or external use) and untreated finish for use above ground internally. Pine flooring is NOT recommended as a feature flooring (exposed floor), being a softwood it has a tendency to mark quite easily, but rather for under additional floor covering applications.

Silvan Timber only stock weatherboards of the highest quality being imported Boltic Pine primed from Romania. Save time by only having to apply the top coat of paint as they are already primed.

Timber flooring in sizes such as 55x19, 89x19, 108x19 select and natural feature grade in species such as Tasmanian Bluegum, Tasmanian Oak, Ironbark and Spotted Gum etc, if we don't have it let us find what you're looking for and offer  you the best price available.