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Hardware and Concrete Products.

Concrete Mix is a blend of cement, aggregate and sand, designed for use in projects where a quality concrete is required. Ideal for garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations, footings, posts and uprights for pergolas and decks.

General Purpose Cement is a Portland cement and fully complies with the requirements for Type GP cement in Australian Standard AS3972 – General purpose and blended cements.

Rapid Set Concrete is manufactured using cement, sand, specialist additives and aggregates and is formulated to harden rapidly without mixing. This product is highly suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and many other non-structural uses.

We stock cement products in 20kg bags. We can estimate your requirements for your next job. Call us and we can give you a quote. Pre mix cement products are the perfect product to suit a variety of fencing or building projects around your property.


Round Stock/Cattle Troughs in the following sizes.

50 Gall D/ 145L

820mm D/ 190L

1370mm D/380L

2140mm D/1700L

3700mm D/3030L

3000mm D/4400L


Our range of hardware at Silvan Timber includes drill bits, all sizes of nails to suit any project, fixing screws, dyna bolts, tape measures, liquid nails and any other hardware you may require.

Hardware Products.


Silvan Timber stocks a wide range of concrete troughs. All the concrete troughs are manufactured from high quality reinforced 40MPA concrete for maximum strength and durability. We can propvide delivery of all troughs.
If we don't have the size you require we will source it for you.