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Cypress Timber.

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Available Fine Sawn    125 x 75    1.8 - 3.6m

100 x 100 all lengths up to 6.0lm

125 x 125 all lengths up to 6.0lm

150 x 150 all lengths up to 6.0lm

200 x 200 all lengths up to 6.0llm

From 50 x 25 up to 200 x 200 subject to availability some larger sizes

pre ordered only. Please enquire when ordering.


Silvan Timber supplies premium F7 grade White Cypress, which is harvested from forests in Queensland. Available in rough sawn, as well as dressed all round appearance on request, cypress has a nice yellow-golden colour and is ideal for external uses, as it is a naturally treated timber (no chemicals are used).